Attributes Shift

By Shifters.org

Adapted from D.J. Conway's section called "Shapeshifting" from her book "Animal Magick."

Specifically, this deals with the section on shapeshifting, which in her book is a misnomer, simply because it deals with a Mental or Spiritual shift instead of a PS which is most associated as meaning "shapeshift."

Essentially, this is a mixture of the Mental, Physical, and Aural Shift, in varying degree (That is to say that One or Two could overshadow the other(s), or the repressed one(s) appear to be nonexistent). Unlike the types of shifts (being separate) noted above, this type of shift can give you attributes of _any_ animal/spirit guide (not necessarily that of the wereside, or your personal spirit guide). These 'attributes' can be in the form of a physical (for example: "strength"), aural ("senses") or mental ("cognitive abilities").

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