Dichotomistic Therianthropy

According to Google an invention of Jakkal herself.

Source Shifters.org

Types of Therianthropy: Mental, Spiritual

Also known as Common multiple natured were

Major Proponent: AHWW FAQ, Accounts from those claiming to be dichotomistic therianthropy.

Dichotomizing refers to something that is branched, forked, or became separated.

These therians are those with weresides that are "separate" from the human persona. These types of therians might refer to their wereside as if it were a separate entity all together. However it is important to note that the wereside creature is still an integral and engrained part of the person. They generally experience M-shifts regularly. Some may not recall what goes on during the m-shift. These therians recognize their animal-side, know it exists, but would remain mentally separate (similar to MPD).

Most dichotomistic therians don't have such an extreme relationship with their animal self. Infact they tend to operate on a 'sliding scale'. They seem to be one with the animal, but their mentality, behavior, personality, etc might slide between animal and human.

This is the most common type of Mental and Spiritual Therianthropy.