Furry Fandom

By: Trinity

Much like Sci-Fi? Fandoms, Comic Fandoms, Transformer Fandoms, Fantasy Fandoms, the Furry Fandom is a collective of individuals from a diverse multitude of backgrounds, ethinic groups, cultures, countries and continents.

What solidifies the Furry Fandom as being "furry" is the love, enjoyment, and over all fanatical like towards all things animal-anthropormorphic.

Writers, artists, book sellers, costumes (aka Mascot) makers, and the like are just a small selection of this broad, if not widely understood group. The consumers, though not as well known, are those who simply enjoy the works of others, buy said works, or trade in said works.

To be blunt, the fandom does have its pros and cons. In fact the media has had a riot with some of the more extreme areas of the fandom. Point made here is that all fandoms have "skeletons" in their closets. If one knows where not to go, one does not have to deal with such said things. :)

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