Lycanthropy mythological

By: Monkaya

Historical term for 'werewolf' disease empowering one to change between man (or other creature) and wolf form.
Attributes, curses, blessings, etc. of being a werewolf.

By: Coyote

Obviously, people often think of lycanthropy and therianthropy in the same breath. In fact, since most people have never heard the term "Therianthropy" they often use lycanthropy.

Thus, in the werecommunity, it is useful to understand that while the word "lycanthropy" is often used to mean "therianthropy" or specifically "wolf therianthropy", that there is also the existing mythological meaning of the word. That of the curse/blessing/spell that causes someone to become a wolf or other animal... and that this is not necessarily the same thing.

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