Physical Shift

The holy grail of Therianthropy.

Source: Werelist

This term refers to the idea of being able to physically transform either wholly or partly into something else.

While many weres think of this as sort of a "holy grail", or find the idea desirable, there seems to be no real evidence that it is possible, and obviously, it's not a requirement for being a were.

When people make claims of physical shifting, it often turns out to be that they merely desire attention, or are attempting to mislead others. In the past, certain individuals have made claims that they can teach others to P-Shift, and it turned out that (unsurprisingly), they were lying in order to con or gain power over others.

Some people make claims of partial shifts, or phantom shifts, and it is unclear whether these are physical or mental phenomena, though it is likely the latter.

There are many people who wish they could P-shift, and some who actively experiment with various meditations, rituals, and ideas, but to date, the goal seems to have proved elusive.

While there are some people who are open to the idea that it may be possible, somehow, to physically transform, most members of the community take claims of P-Shifting with great skepticism. If you claim to be able to physically transform, you are likely to be met with a lot of disbelief, and requests to back up your claims. If you are not able to do so, will likely be met with derision and distrust.

By Shifters.org

The stuff dreams are made of... This shift alone, for those who believe, is a goal for the majority of "Weres" want to experience. This is indeed going from form A to form B with the body as the artistic media. A shift in body, many weres feel with the PS, they can become what they truly are on the inside, now reflecting on the outside.

By The Wolf Inside

Physical Shifting occurs when the lycanthrope's real and physical body actually undergoes the transformation from human to wolf, or werewolf, the state somewhere inbetween.

By WereWEB

"Physical shifting" is the more classical form of lycanthropy. I know of no-one who claims to be able to physically shift, to either a full wolf or hybrid form. But if it doesn't exist, it is still the dream of most Spiritual shifters. Within the next century, perhaps the technology to physically alter our bodies on a semi-permanent level will become available, who knows?

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