Spirit Shift

By Coyote?

Spirit Shifter means a person who shifts "in the spirit world", or who considers the fact that they have spirit shifts to be an identifying and important trait. This would sort of be like having an entry of "mental shifter" in the phenotypes "special" section. (which might not be a bad idea).

By Shifters.org

This type of shift has several meanings attached. I will not split them up at this point in time. Here goes:

A spirit shift takes place when Spirit Guides are present. The actually shift is either: A. the guide leaves and another takes its place, B. Your soul "merges" with the spirit guide, C. The spirit guide changes it own species/looks.

A spirit shift is also the merging of the two (or more) "sides" of a were's spiritual body. For example, if a separatist were is a human and a wolf, the merging into an "anthro-wolf" form would be a spirit shift.

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