Vacillant therianthropy

Source: Shifters.org

Vacillant Therianthropy: "Singular, ranging perspective".

Type of Therianthropy: Mental, Spiritual

Major Proponent: Significant numbers of therians confusing the basic tenants of Contherianthropy - while experiencing many similar traits of contherians.

Vacillan Therians are described as having full, cognizant awareness of themselves, however their non-physical state (Mental, spiritual, emotional, psychological, etc) may fluctuate between the animality and humanity. They do not, however, have distinct animal or human sides. They closely resemble contherians in their singular nature, however they are capable of some types of mental, or perspective fluctuations or eclipsing. They are probably not capable of full mental shifts to their animal or human states.

Editor's Note: This term came into being after many discussions on Therianthropy.Org as well as the WereList. Another term, "Suntherianthropy" that is similar to Vacillant Therianthropy, but was coined by a singular person, much in the same way Contherianthropy was created. In order to avoid the same problems from Contherianthropy's usage, Shifters.Org will continue to use the term "Vacillant Therianthropy" instead.

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