True Slave


The brainchild of Sansha Kuvakei, developed with assistance from the Society of Conscious Thought and the Amarr Empire, True Slaves are the warriors and labourers of Sansha's Nation.

Sansha's Dream was publicly one of allowing every citizen to fulfil their dreams and privately one of conquest. To meet both these goals replacement manpower was required to fulfil those tasks too dangerous or too menial for the citizens of the Nation, many of whom were scholars, philosophers, traders, and scientists. Perhaps considering the use of unwilling slavery cruel or inefficient, or concerned over slave loyalty, or perhaps simply on a megalomaniacal whim Sansha decided that typical slave stock was unsuitable for his needs. In secret facilities deep within Stain the relatively new Jovian capsule technology was combined with illegally modified existing brain implants to create slaves with the thoroughness of a computer and the ingenuity of humans. People that would be completely loyal and dedicated to Sansha and his dream, yet creative enough to handle complex and delicate situations.

Considered incapable of conventional thought the Trues are known for silent, slow, efficiency. They show little emotion and follow their orders relentlessly. Death and damage are not greatly feared, and rather than mourn their dead in typical ways their biomass is often reprocessed for sake of efficiency but each loss harms the cause and each True feels that Sansha does not wish them to suffer unnecessarily. They are totally dedicated to Sansha's dream and to Sansha himself whom they refer to as "The Master" or "Master Sansha", their reverence for him is evident from the ship logs recovered from their vessels even in these later years.

Soon after their creation all armed forces and space ship personnel employed by Sansha’s Nation had been replaced by True Slaves. Their widespread use put an end to the secrecy of the project and Sansha publically declared the birth of his Nation. The empires did not react well, seeing both a gross ethical transgression and powerful military threat they demanded that Sansha cease his use of True Slaves. Not only did Sansha refuse and continue increasing the ranks of the Trues but he started other, similar experiments the results of which remain unknown to this day. Most of Sansha's own subjects left his domain leaving only the Trues and those True Citizens dedicated to the dream yet it was only now that the Nation reached the height of its power.

In time the use of the Trues and Sansha's growing might became too much to ignore and the empires came together in the first 'Alliance of Empires' to crush his Nation. Though Sansha and his True Citizens believed themselves safe behind the legion of True Slaves and the Nations advanced vessels they were unprepared for the united might of four empires and though they held out for months the Nations outposts, stations, and colonies were reduced to wreckage and ruins and Sansha himself is believed to have been killed in the final assault.

The True Slaves survived. The empires had crushed Sansha's utopia but not what had made it possible and the Trues set out to carry on the fight and rebuild their masters Nation. While even the True Slaves are unsure whether Sansha still lives a chain of command has been established and those Trues not suffering from disabling madness or lock-down into set orders are now working together to reawaken Sansha's dream.

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