By R.E.L. Masters

Invisible beings which can under certain conditions become visible and assume human form for the purpose of copulating with witches. The Dragon makes a body for himself out of semen he obtains from masturbators and the intercourse of onanists and fornicators, especially when the woman involved is a prostitute engaged in practicing her trade. In such cases the Dragon becomes an exact replica of the person whose semen he has used and so may be mistaken for that individual or for his Double. Dragons may also copulate with mediums who are able to give them ectoplasmic bodies.

By Shifters.org

Dragons appear in mythology across the globe, from the ‘Amphithere’ of the New World to the Lung of China. There are so many creatures that fall under the heading of ‘dragon’; it is difficult to know exactly what a dragon is. Here is a list of common traits shared between them:

· Most dragons have one or two reptilian traits.

· The majority of dragons have the ability to fly.

· Most dragons have a connection with water.

· They often possess supernatural abilities, such as super-strength.

· The majority of dragons have oral weaponry, such as fire breath. (Source: http://www.blackdrago.com/whydrgn.htm)

Of course, these are for identifying creatures in legend as ‘dragon’. Here, I am concerned with defining the group of people who identify as/with dragons in a spiritual sense.

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