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Eclipsing is another part of being a therian, to most anyway. Eclipsing is when your animal side and your human side shift in percentages. When I'm doing something where I need human judgment to make decisions, in school for example, my human percentage would be much greater than my wolf percentage. When I'm tracking or hunting in the forest, my wolf side comes forward and goes on the more instinctual level. I can never be 100% human or 100% wolf. I just wouldn't be a therian then would I? There are times when I've been in the 90%+ area while shifting. Many times you can create a shift just by letting your wereside forward; releasing it. It's usually easy to control, unless there is an instance where your animal side feels very threatened or protective about something dear to it (like if your mate or pup was in danger). Then it would be hard to keep the eclipse from happening. In many of those instances it is better to let instinct take over. Your wereside knows best, and will not bring harm to anyone. You're human side can always step in and take control when the need arises. There is no such thing as an uncontrolled shift, so don't let people scare you by telling you that their wereside was out of control.

Note by DustWolf

The article appears to relate to Contherianthropy.

Please note that there is new defenition around, which basically says that Contherianthropes who experience Eclipsing are actually Suntherian. I advise you read both defenition and decide what works best for you.

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