By KatmanDu?

InstaWeres are the folks who latch onto the concept of therianthropy because it either appeals to them in a gee-whiz-this-is-neat way or because it fulfills some basic superficial need: acceptance in a peer group, or a method of projecting a sense of physical superiority, or justifying an anger management problem. Younger individuals, those in their early to late teens, may find such a concept appealing, as they are learning to accept their bodies and their situation in life and are being called upon to formulate their own ideas and philosophies. As such, many of them are unahppy with their self-image, or may feel left out of peer groups, or feel physically inadequate or inferior. Taking on the persona of a man possessed by a wild creature provides them with the image of physical prowess and superiority. The internet provides countless anonymous avenues for peer acceptance. The icon of the wild, untamed beast housed in a normal human body becomes a powerful lure.

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