Personal Information

Name: Lupa, Arisa
Age: 23 (12.24.82)
Sex: Female
Anima: Lupine/Corvine hybrid
Occupation: Freelance art & web design
Misc: Chaote, Priestess, Mac Enthusiast

Contact Information

www: arisa
@: lupa.wolf(at)gmail.com
Y!: following_lupa (this is not an email address, do not send me mail here)

Contact Guidelines

If you intend to contact me via email or Yahoo, please tell me who you are — especially over messenger. I tend to block folks without responding if I don't know who they are, and definitely will do so if the person sends me a message when I'm not online. The last thing I want is to log in and have six "how r u" boxes pop up from people I don't know.

There is a spam filter on my email, so be sure to give it a title that either my filter won't snag, or that I'll be curious enough to open when I go a'sifting through the spam at the end of the day.

I am not the Lupa that goes to gatherings and gives discussions and leads workshops! If you know him/her, please let me know! I'd very much love to meet this person. :3