A somewhat humorous, but derogatory term sometimes used to describe people who seem to "collect" phenotypes.

While polywereism can be legitimate, there are individuals who just seem to think that the more phenotypes, the merrier, and don't seem to really give a lot of thought to the whole thing.

Sometimes, it's well-meaning feelings of love and kinship for many species, that causes the exuberant claims of multitudes of phenotypes, and other times, it seems to be the result of attention-seeking or fantasy, but there are some individuals who seem to collect "weresides" as if they were trading cards.

In any event, if you are a winged wolf/gryphon/lynx/horse/dragon/raven/ostrich/buffalo, don't be surprised if someone accuses you of being a pokewere or pokemorph.

Note, there is nothing wrong with having more than one phenotype in the community, if you are serious, and have given it thought and exploration. The term "poke-were" is rightfully intended for people who simply aren't serious, or don't give it a lot of thought, and add numerous phenotypes because they are "kewl".