By R.E.L. Masters

A huge and horrible being with a heart of ice who roams the wilds of northeastern Canada. The Wendigo may he either male or female but does not mate with his kind. He is clearly relatedin many ways to Vampires, Werewolves and other cannibalistic monsters, and the belief in the Wendigo (like the belief in the Vampire and the Werewolf) gives rise to human psychoses in which the behavior of the mythical monster is imitated. The nature of the psychosis leads to the hypothesis that repressed incest desires are at the bottom of the conception of the Wendigo (or Windigo or Wee-Tee-To? or Weendegoag, etc.). The monster does not sexually assault humans, but victims of the psychosis may. Moreover, their violent assaults have overtones of sadism, necrophilia, and other perversions.